Monday, 19 June 2017

A weekend with K

I’m 80%, more or less, through one of my all too rare five day long weekends - my last day off is tomorrow, before I launch into a run of nine early turns - and I've been lucky enough to spend a goodly chunk of it with my girl. Not during the day on Friday and Saturday, because K has got herself a summer job, working for another branch of the chain of photographic shops she had a part-time job with for a time while she was doing her A-levels, but both of those evenings, all day yesterday and a good part of today. I've been lucky in another way, too, because the weather has been very warm and sunny, if a little humid for ideal comfort, K and I taking advantage of the fact today by going for a picnic lunch at a country park not too far from where we live, with panoramic views right across London. While the food and, especially, the company, along with the views, were great, there were, as seems inevitable in my life, a couple of clouds wrapped around the silver lining - the knowledge, as I've said before, that K will be gone, more or less permanently, in three months time, and the fact that the country park is very near to where I believe Cammy lives (not that he'd have been there at lunchtime on a schoolday, of course), reminding me once more how much I miss the little guy. Maybe Wetherspoons saved me from myself by closing my old local, but that really is clutching at the faintest straw of positivity.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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