Thursday, 10 August 2017

Beauty, but all too much truth

I'm on nights yet again, so not much to say in general beyond the work/sleep/work cycle - apart from this morning. I took a slightly circuitous route home to catch a bus, fairly local to us, that's being diverted this week due to road works by way of a road that doesn't normally have a bus service, and was thus new territory to me (yeah, anorak, I know!). Waiting for said bus in the bus station of the town one to the west of ours, my 'boy radar' caught a movement in the right corner of my field of vision. And yes, it was a boy - an utter delight, blond and lovely, too young, but aren't they all, with his mother, off on some early, by school holiday standards, expedition. He 'ghosted' away, onto a different bus route, after five minutes or so, leaving me with the depressingly familiar quagmire of 'never' in my head. I try to believe that 'one day my prince will come', but he never will, of course, in any remotely plausible circumstance. Nothing left but disillusion, and death. Great.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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