Monday, 5 October 2015

Another big story - maybe

Just occasionally, amongst my mostly abortive efforts, a story idea comes along that genuinely catches my imagination. Alexandrine is the most obvious example, along with the 'Cassie and Robin' series more recently. A dream I had in the early hours of this morning might just be the catalyst for another 'big venture'. I dreamt about my cousin, my darling boy (who now hates me, of course, passim) as he was at 12 or 13, but in a distinctly odd setting. For once, I remembered the dream in quite some detail, thought about it more on the way to work, and a basic framework began to assemble itself in my head. There are resonances with my all-time favourite online story, The Geppetto Project, a sort-of science-fictiony, counterfactual thread, and, already, two very cute boys, the avatar of my cousin, and another with dark curly hair and, shall we say, few inhibitions! As ever, who knows where the idea will go, if anywhere, but, if nothing else, burying myself in a congenial fictional world might distract me from my perceived woes.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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