Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It's taken a while....

....but I finally made it to my first Gresham College lecture today. I first came across the organisation, which, among other things, presents free public lectures on various academic subjects, about three years ago when I was searching online for potentially interesting things to do in London, and had looked several times at the forthcoming events section of their website, but, for one reason or another, I'd never actually got around to attending. Given the length of time I'd been planning to go, it was probably inevitable that actually doing it would be more or less impromptu, and that, indeed, was the case - I looked online yesterday to see if there was anything happening during my time off at the end of next month, only to find a lecture on Einstein's 1905 papers (including those on the photoelectric effect, for which he won his Nobel prize, and on Special Relativity) was scheduled for today. And very interesting it was, too, pitched at a 'general reader' rather than at an esoteric level, and while it didn't really teach me much I didn't already know, it did bring aspects of the subject together in a novel way. I certainly hope my first Gresham College moment won't be my last.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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