Saturday, 20 June 2015

An unexpected bonus

Early yesterday evening, around 6:30, I found a text from K to the effect that she wasn't staying over at her friend's place in the West Country after all, but was on her way back to London. It sounds, hearing the full story from my girl when she got home, like a rather stereotypical piece of teenage disorganisation - K had said it was 'all arranged' before she left, but her friend had apparently forgotten about it, or, probably more likely, forgotten to tell her parents, so it fell through. The change of plan worked to my advantage, though, because I got to spend some quality time with K today - we went into town, had something to eat (burritos, K's latest 'food crush'!) and generally watched the world go by. The only slight downside was that the weather hasn't been all that prepossessing, grey and drizzly (and has degenerated even further now, into rather heavy rain), which depressed the eye candy quotient somewhat. There were some oases, though - a very cute 14-ish boy walked past us in Camden High Street, and when I turned to my girl and said 'sigh', she, without missing a beat replied 'same'. There is still a fragment of overlap in our interests, it seems!

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B


  1. Very nice all the way around!

    Peace <3

    1. Hello Jay
      Yeah, good times. And I got to see 'next door but one cutie' when I got back, too, as a sort of coda. No Dylan, though. Meh!

      Love & best wishes
      Sammy B