Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekend mixture

Quite an eventful weekend, by my not very impressive standards. There have obviously been huge events in the news, some very good, as per my last post, some utterly dreadful, but far more eloquent commentators than me have discussed those at length, so, as is my wont, I'm going to stick to the parochial.
I went to Essex on Friday to meet up with my friend, as planned, and it all went rather well - we had plenty of catching up to do, drank some beer and some more beer, and got along fine, even if I'd had my doubts in advance whether he might have had second thoughts about accepting the 'real me' after my coming out to him the last time we met. A lesson for me, I guess - don't expect the worst all the time! There was one downside to the get-together, though - I contrived to injure myself, in a really stupid way, despite being pretty much sober at the time. We were sitting on a long wooden bench-style seat and, after a while, it was my turn to head to the bar for a round of drinks. What I didn't realise, until I tried to stand up, was that my right leg had 'gone to sleep', presumably from the pressure of the edge of the bench on my sciatic nerve, and I stumbled awkwardly, managing to strain my calf muscle rather badly. As a result, I've spent the rest of the weekend hobbling about in a fair bit of discomfort, which isn't showing any immediate sign of going away. In the great scheme of things, it's an utter irrelevance, but I promised parochial!
Yesterday saw the Pride procession in Central London. I did think of going, but I'd already decided not to before my self-inflicted wound - I had doubts, quite frankly, about my motivations, that I might have tried to take advantage of the situation to try and get what I'm not allowed to have. K went, though, with a gay friend from school, before going on to spend the night with a different friend in South London. I haven't actually seen her yet today, but from the evidence of a few texts, and a brief conversation a little earlier, it all seems to have gone pretty well. I spent yesterday meandering around North and West London, before ending up in my local, and, with the variation of going to work for an early shift this morning, haven't done anything greatly different today. The 'eye candy quotient' really hasn't been too bad, but, as ever, it's never simple. For instance, I've seen 'little friend' three nights in a row, after three weeks when I hadn't seen him at all, but he's had his back to me each time, although I did get my customary smile from him last night (and gave him a discreet 'Hi', the first time I've actually spoken to him) when he walked past my table in search of ketchup. (Just had tonight's smile, right now, as he headed for the door!!) There's another little guy in here tonight, not more than 3, pretty, bubbly, and obviously very intelligent, who's said 'Hello' to me three times on his travels, following his dad to the bar, and the like. Not, of course, the remotest sexual attraction at his age, but would I just love to play the word and number games, or simply talk to him, the way K and I did when she was that age. Never going to happen, obviously. Life, don't talk to me about life, as Marvin the Paranoid Android memorably said!

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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