Saturday, 8 August 2015

A fantasy come to life

I've posted before about drawn and computer generated 'cartoons', for want of a better word, that can be found online (my most direct reference was here, I guess), but I haven't seen many of late, because they seem to have been clamped down on, even in Japan, where the genre (as far as I'm aware) originated. The restrictions seem to be born of some theory that they constitute a 'gateway activity', i.e. that people viewing such material will go on to abuse actual young people, ignoring what I think is an equally likely possibility, that they could also act as a 'displacement activity' to prevent real world abuse.
Whatever the view that's taken of such material, though, what's brought it to my mind now was a (very) brief encounter on my way to work last night. As I got off of my train at 'worktown', a boy (with an adult) was waiting to board at the same door. And he was a spitting image of one of the cutest characters I've ever seen in any of the cartoons, an 11/12 blond cutie with blue eyes, freckles across the bridge of his nose and beautiful, ultra-kissable lips. 'Billy' come to life in the London suburbs. Amazing!

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B


  1. I read an article today, complete with pictures, about swimming and showering activities in the 40-60's at the YMCA and in schools. Boys regularly swam nude, and showered in gang showers. Now any nudity is thought of as sexual in nature and nothing like that takes place anywhere today. I don't know what's gotten into us.

    I had a friend who wanted some porn in that genre for his 18th birthday. He wouldn't ask his parents, so I got him some. Surprisingly enough, the characters were clearly VERY young, and it also included almost as much gay as straight sex. I think he wore out the CD!!!! But I doubt you could buy it today, at least not in the form it was 20 years ago.

    Peace <3

    1. Hello Jay
      We didn't swim nude in my schooldays (in fact, I couldn't, and still can't, swim at all), but we did have communal showers in the games changing rooms, and were expected to use them after football, rugby and the like, and that was in the early-mid 1970s. I can't imagine for a moment that such facilities, or the requirement to use them, would exist now.
      The shota/loli/hentai stuff is undoubtedly illegal these days, certainly in this country. Stupidly, in my opinion, as I suggested in the post, because it could provide a completely victim-free outlet - the characters are self-evidently completely fictional, whatever the age of the portrayal - for those of us whose attractions lie in that direction. But it won't change, of course - as I said to K when I discussed my post with her yesterday, there are no advocacy groups for the likes of me.

      Love & best wishes
      Sammy B