Sunday, 16 August 2015

Summer holiday

As of a few minutes ago, I'm officially on my summer break, all six days of it, although, in reality, I actually left work an hour and a half ago, finishing on a ninety minute break thanks to night shift people coming in early for overtime. And tomorrow lunchtime, K and I are off to the seaside, although there have been a few nervous moments on that front in recent days - I was having a lot of trouble getting hold of the accommodation's landlady to make the arrangements to pick the keys up, but finally managed to contact her this morning. So all that remains to do now is to set the tone for the week by having a couple of cold ones in my local (as I am now, indeed, doing), packing as minimalistically as possible in the morning, and setting out for town at around midday to catch the coastbound train. And keeping everything crossed in hope of user-friendly weather, of course!

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B


  1. Sounds great! Can we do this when I come over next spring?!?!?!

    So cool. So glad you've got some time off, and will be spending it with K! YAY YOU!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Hello Jay
      I'm sure something could be arranged! Although springtime at the seaside can be a rather wet and windy experience over here!
      And, as for the here and now, all I've got to do is to try and extricate a sleeping teenager from her girl cave in time for us to catch the train. Wish me luck!

      Love & best wishes
      Sammy B

    2. I've stayed in a holiday cottage on St. Ives Bay in Cornwall in December/January! It was all good!