Tuesday, 24 November 2015


There's been a lot of nonsense spoken about ISIS, and how to 'deal with them' in recent times, but, in my local this evening, I've heard the most deranged opinion yet. The gist of the 'argument', if what was said could be honoured by that word, was that as the Second World War was ended by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 'we' (presumably 'the West') should drop a 'small nuclear weapon' on Syria. A very brief Google search suggests that somewhere between 150000 and 250000 people were killed by the 1945 bombs, the vast majority of them civilians. How any sane person can advocate something similar as a 'remedy' to the current situation escapes me completely.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B


  1. Hi Sammy,

    No mention of historical UK/US imperialism, I suppose?



    1. Hello Andy
      Exactly as much as you would expect. But, of course, in these people's eyes, everything from the Balfour Declaration to the current fiasco is 'nothing to do with us'.

      Love & best wishes
      Sammy B