Friday, 20 November 2015


As I've said before in this blog, 'tragic' is a much-overused word, almost to the point of becoming meaningless. But sometimes things happen that no other word can adequately describe. sometimes huge events affecting large numbers of people, sometimes on a much more personal level. And news of an example of the latter has come through in the last hour. One of K's best friends in Cornwall, a girl she met on her first day at senior school when she was 11, and who lived no more than fifteen minutes walk from us, has died of cancer. At 17. K knew she'd been ill, of course, but she had been thought to have been in remission. K, naturally enough, is devastated, and I'm doing whatever I can, little as it may be, to help. I'm certainly not going to work tonight - they were understanding enough when I rang in a few minutes ago, but even if they hadn't been, it would've made no difference. My daughter is my number one priority by such a big distance as to render all else pretty much irrelevant, and she's certainly in no fit state, as far as I'm concerned, to be left on her own overnight, even if she is only a dozen weeks away from legal adulthood. Work can resume when it's appropriate.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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