Friday, 25 December 2015

Fifteen minutes revisited, boys and festivities

Our newish, openly gay guy at work was looking after the position next to me on Monday evening, and mentioned that he'd been flicking through satellite channels recently. And had found my proverbial 'fifteen minutes of fame', by way of a rerun of the final of the TV quiz series I'd contrived to win a loooong time ago. I, in turn, mentioned it to K, as she'd never seen my 'performance', and she managed to find it on YouTube, watching the programme on Tuesday. The subject came up at work on Wednesday night, as I was talking to my friend (recently elevated to shift manager). Within a few minutes, not only him, but two of my other colleagues, were watching the final on their respective mobile phones. It was a little bit bizarre, really, thinking about these guys seeing me as I was twenty years ago (the programme was recorded at the end of 1995), and thinking about my life and all that's transpired since.
I finished work for my Christmas break at 7:00 yesterday morning, doing the last of shopping - the all-important Christmas Day beer and wine! - on the way home. K was working, so I had every intention of going out again, but it didn't really happen to any great extent - between dozing in the armchair and some not very user-friendly weather, I didn't leave the flat again until early afternoon, and found myself in my local little more than two hours later. It wasn't as busy as I'd been expecting, and, disappointingly, none of 'my' boys appeared - I was hoping to see Cammy, at least, but it wasn't to be. There was one delicious eye candy moment when I made my way home, though - K fancied a Chinese takeaway by way of our evening meal, and while I was in the shop waiting for the food to be cooked, a family came in, parents and three boys. All of the boys were cute enough, but 'middle bro', 12/13-ish, was a real stunner. Would that I could have taken him away, along with the chow mein and sweet and sour!
And now it's Christmas Day, so I'd like to wish all of you a happy and peaceful festive season. K and I will spend the day pigging out on food and drink, I suspect, probably not the healthiest option, but a fun one! Merry Christmas!

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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