Saturday, 16 January 2016

Anniversarial, in a way

Anniversarial isn't actually an official word, in a lexical sense, from what I can gather from internet searches, but I've used it before (as have others) as an adjective pertaining to anniversaries, so, without apology, I'll continue on my neological way.
104 weeks ago today, I walked through the doors of a certain pub for the first time. The pub I'm sitting in now. My local. I wasn't in a cheerful frame of mind. I was house-hunting, and it didn't seem to be going well. But then something happened, a crossing of life trajectories, that made me feel so much better. 'Smiling boy', as I dubbed him in my head. I haven't seen him since, and that hasn't changed today. I've written numerous times about 'ghosts', the lovely boys who briefly flit into my life, and out again, but he is the archetype. If I could choose just one of the hundreds of cuties I've encountered on my meanderings over the piece to meet again, it would be him, even at the 13/14 he would be now. Not, of course, that there's a hope in hell of it ever coming to pass, but the dream persists.

Love & best wishes to all
Sammy B

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